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Bring Construction Drawings to the Field

Blink Forward enables instant navigation of construction documents on any pdf enabled device including tablets, PCs, laptops, macs, ipads, iphones, and androids.

Seamless Navigation of the Documents

Simply click on a link and it instantly navigates to the desired location. Links generated for callouts and elevations will additionally zoom to that particular detail on the sheet.

This index sheet has a link to every page in the set allowing quick access to all of your documents. Additionally, every sheet will have navigation buttons on the side allowing you to move forward to the next document, back to the previous document, and an index button to quickly get back to the primary index sheet.

Blink Forward’s new automated hyperlinking process can quickly create hyperlinks on all of the construction documents in the project allowing us to have a turnover time of less than 5 business days for most projects. We have never created a manual hyperlink and through our indexing process we will enable you to use our unique "backlinks." Backlinks will show you all the other sheets in the project that reference that detail or sheet. The hyperlinked PDFs that we submit back to you will have all the hyperlinks that connect your project together.

Using our indexing technology, Blink Forward will create a custom reference audit for each project that shows which sheets are missing from the index sheet, which sheet are referenced but are no longer in the set, and details that are referenced but are no longer in the set.

View All Links and References with Bookmarks

Blink Forward bookmarks and indexes your documents making connections between the references and details in your plan set intuitive. Blink Forward's revolutionary process clearly identifies each detail and all sheets that reference that detail.

Documents for Life-Cycle and Facilities Management

Blink Forward construction documents enables efficient ongoing operations and maintenance by providing quick and easy access to the entire set of as-built documents.